Lady Gaga Releases Perfect Illusion

Lady Gaga is back in the world of music as she released her newest single, Perfect Illusion, just in time for the end of summer. We definitely missed the beautiful Diva as she’s been busy with touring and her amazing gig on American Horror Story. Now with her new release, we can enjoy her beautiful booming voice and wonderful lyrical writing. Her new single Perfect Illusion is a great way to comeback as it carries all the things we love about Gaga.

One of the best things about Perfect Illusion is the aesthetically pleasing music video. Why is it a good music video? Well because it has Lady Gaga in it of course. She’s in full swing with this video as she dances and performs in excellent fashion. Overall the video isn’t as glamorous and epic as Gaga’s other videos, but still has a great deal to like about.

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Corey Feldman Reacts To Bullies

If you haven’t heard yet, last week pop culture had a blast from the past when Goonie’s star Corey Feldman performed live on The Today Show. It was definitely an interesting performance as the 45-year-old performer/actor danced and sang in an all black robe-hoody with a backup band all decked out in angel costumes. Over the weekend the performance video went viral for all the wrong reasons.

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Pop Group Joan Releases New Track

Pop group Joan just released their first single entitled “with somebody else” and it’s a perfect pop ballad. When you listen to it you might get a swarm of nostalgia as the song has an awesome 90s vibe to it. Alan and Steve of Joan describe the sound of the song as something your parents might have listened to during the 80s or 90s. It’s an amazing start to an already promising future as Joan is working hard to release an EP in the future.


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Apple Music’s Exclusive Content


It’s old news when it comes to the exclusive music that ends up on Apple’s streaming service before any other platform. When Drakes new album came out earlier this year, it had an exclusive two week run on Apple music and didn’t come out till later for other companies. This practice has already made a controversial splash and already has the music industry asking Apple to stop the process of exclusive music.

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Streaming Music In Today’s World


The music industry has changed a lot as we turned into the the 21st century. In the late 90s we were introduced to the workings of programs like Napster which allowed file sharing. File sharing started a revolution as obtaining music for free became an easy process. This idea went on to create other programs such as Kazza and Limewire which had a large following. It wasn’t long till it was an everyday practice to have illegally downloaded mp3s.

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