Meet The Talented Rapper, Rob Woods


Rob Woods is the type of artist that can inspire a crowd just by being himself, flowing his words in the poetic form of rap. From the few times I’ve been around him, he has helped me revive my passion for videography and photography. He has shown me through his own hard work and dedication that anything is possible. If you’re a fan of rap that has soul and a classic feel, you’ll definitely have to check out Rob’s new EP Double Shot Espresso, available now.

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Rogue One Has A New Music Composer

If you’re a nerd like me, then you’ve already watched the newest Star Wars trailer about a hundred times. It’s Disney’s newest addition to the Star Wars universe, and it really looks quite amazing. The trailer shows off more of the story and also impresses with the amazing cinematography. One other aspect that shines in the trailer is the music. It’s fresh, it’s new and it really helps things flow, and it’s all from composer Michael Giacchino, not the usual John Williams.

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Amazon Releases New Music Streaming Service


Amazon has taken the dive into the streaming music service by releasing “Amazon Music Unlimited.” Some say it’s a great answer to other competitive steaming services such as Apple Music and Spotify. Amazon music is separating itself from other services by offering different price points. $10 a month for a regular signup, $8 a month for Amazon Prime members and $4 a month for those who own the echo speaker. The echo speaker also has specific features like voice control on a very detailed level. A person can ask the speaker something so specific like “play dance music from the 90s.”

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Kim Kardashian Robbery Raises Questions

It’s been in the news recently that Kim Kardashian West was robbed at gunpoint in Paris over the weekend. It was quite a shock for her, her family and the rest of the world. Especially since the robbery involved five armed robbers who got away with an estimated 10 million dollars in jewelry. Since the crime, Kim has been quite shaken up, and husband Kanye West had to abruptly leave a show to be with her. Days since however, people are starting to ask questions relating to the robbery as things aren’t adding up.

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Spotify Shows Interest In Buying Soundcloud

It has recently been reported that the giant streaming service, Spotify, is in talks with Soundcloud for a purchase deal. Spotify is in the lead when it comes to paid subscribers for steaming music. A deal like this would mean that Spotifiy would obtain a large library of music that mostly consists of independent artists. This would give Spotify the chance to branch out and away from Apple music and possibly find the next big star or artist.

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